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Meet Ki'Yonna Jones

Certified Coach and Personal Development Expert

Hi! I’m Ki’Yonna Jones, and I’m delighted to meet you. I am a certified coach, trainer, and founder of I Am Possible, a coaching and personal development company. I’m a complex human with deep curiosity about other complex humans. How curious you ask? Put it like this, a standard introduction when meeting someone for the first time may include questions such as: How is your day going? Or What are some of your interests? Mine take a different beat and include questions like: How are you showing up for your life? Or What’s stopping you from living within your purpose? What can I say, I like to skip the small talk and get to the heart of the matter, partnering with you to dismantle limiting beliefs and overcome barriers keeping you from living your best life.

I believe we were not only made to shine in this world, but we were designed to B.E.A.M.! B.E.A.M. is the foundation of I Am Possible’s coaching structure and an affirmation which stands for Belief, Expect, Act and Master. I’m a firm believer that one cannot effectively master their life without first mastering their beliefs of who they are and what they can achieve. What you believe dictates your perspective, and that perspective influences your expectations. This impacts your daily actions. The most important barriers to overcome are the ones you create. I believe your ability to live the life you want sits in the ability to understand and believe that you have undefined possibilities. 

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